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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Specialists

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If you’re in your late teens or early 20s, you might need a wisdom tooth extraction. At St. Tammany Periodontics & Implants in Covington and Slidell, Louisiana, Caesar Sweidan, DDS, Laura Smith, DDS, and the team can monitor your incoming wisdom teeth and provide removal, as needed. To learn more about wisdom teeth removal, call the practice today or request an appointment online.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Q & A

Is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

Your wisdom teeth are the last four permanent teeth that emerge in the back of your mouth, usually between your late teens or early 20s. If they grow in fully without causing any problems, you don’t need to have them removed. 

However, if your mouth has limited space, your wisdom teeth can become impacted, causing severe pain and possibly other complications. When this happens, you most likely need to have them removed.

When should I have wisdom teeth removed?

The dental team at St. Tammany Periodontics & Implants uses 3-D scanners to get a detailed look at all of your teeth. If they see that your wisdom teeth are impacted, they can monitor their pace of growth. 

In some cases, your impacted teeth can start coming in, but only partially, which can cause bacterial infection. In other cases, they can stay impacted, rotate, and start to grow toward your molars, causing your teeth to shift, which can bring intense pain.

Early removal can help you avoid unnecessary pain and other possible issues, so you may want to opt to have them removed before they begin to emerge.

If you decide to wait, the following signs can determine that you need to get your wisdom teeth removed very soon:

  • Pain behind your rear molars
  • Infection in the back of your mouth
  • Gum disease behind or near your back molars
  • Fluid-filled sacs in the back of your mouth

Your dentist can monitor the condition of your oral health and the growth of your wisdom teeth to help you make a timely decision for removal.

What can I expect after tooth removal?

After your procedure, you might feel a bit groggy from the sedation. You then need recovery time. 

Your dentist sends you home with thorough care instructions to help you heal efficiently.

Be sure to pay close attention to any signs of infection as you begin to heal. If you experience complications of any kind, call the practice immediately.

To find out if you need wisdom teeth removal, schedule an appointment at St. Tammany Periodontics & Implants by calling the location nearest you or booking your appointment online today.